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Energy Storage Systems - Keeping the Lights On

Solar power energy systems have become the fastest-growing energy source for residential and commercial applications in the United States and throughout the world. With this rise in popularity, the desire and need for storing that power has also grown. Today we are seeing a surge in the development of energy storage systems that has made the technology practical and more cost effective.

Solar + Storage

A typical solar energy system combines solar PV modules, equipment to mount the modules to your roof or other structure, an inverter, and often some type of performance monitoring system that tracks electricity production. Solar PV modules collect energy from the sun and convert it into Direct Current (DC) electricity, which is then passed through the inverter and converted to Alternating Current (AC), the form commonly used by a typical residence or commercial building.

Solar Panel Plus Solar Battery Storage SystemsIn most cases, residential solar energy systems are connected to the local electricity grid. The idea being that when the solar energy system is providing more electricity than needed, the excess is sent back to your electric Utility, and your account is credited. When the building needs more electricity than the system can provide (at night, for example), it can be supplied by the Utility.

This type of system has worked very well for many years now. However, a property owner may realize additional benefits by installing an energy storage system (ESS) – otherwise known as a battery. With such a system, the property owner now has the ability to store excess electricity generated by the solar energy system. If the solar energy system is producing more electricity than needed, the excess can be used to charge the battery. When more electricity is needed, at night for instance, it can be supplied by the energy storage system instead of the Utility. In addition to potential cost savings, an energy storage system can serve as backup power during a Utility outage.

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